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About Us

Wet Fitness has a very simple business model and philosophy: Look after the needs of our clients and make sure they finish every session a better paddler than when they started it.  Our focus is heavily on technique and efficiency.  Our belief is that an efficient technique combined with fitness will enhance a paddlers performance much more dramatically than fitness alone.

Regardless of your age, ability, gender or craft we have the resources, experience, qualifications and programs to help make you a better, faster and more efficient paddler...and put a bigger smile on your face!


Wet Fitness Matt OGarey Kayak surf ski coach Coffs Harbour
            Stellar Ski's & Kayaks


Speed, Stability, Durability and Comfort are the focus of our Surf Ski designs. Paddlers the World over recognize this unique combination once they paddle our boats.

Our Elite series of Ski is on par with the fastest boats on the market, but delivers stability unseen in that class. Innovations such as the 3-point footbrace transfer your leg drive to boat

Wet Fitness Matt OGarey Kayak surf ski coach Coffs Harbour
            MEEK Paddles

Meek Kayaks specialize in the production of high performance kayak and ski paddles. We make our paddles here in Australia and our mission is to make the best performance product that we possibly can. Paddle making is not just a business to us, it’s a passion, and making the highest quality paddle available is our obsession.

We aim to provide a superior product by using the most innovative manufacturing methods and highest quality materials. We produce our product to meet the needs of the elite performers and maintain this product standard across our entire customer base. There are absolutely no shortcuts taken on any of our products. Recreational paddlers can use exactly the same paddle as Olympic medalists and World Champions are using.

Wet Fitness Matt OGarey Kayak surf ski coach Coffs Harbour
Overboard waterproof products


For beach, boat, board and life; our super-sturdy Waterproof Bags and Waterproof Case come in all different shapes and sizes and are designed to keep your gear dry and protected from sand, dirt and dust.


Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach with your latest gadget, embarking on a week-long boat trip, or taking gear on a kitesurfing downwinder; there’s an OverBoard waterproof case, bag or dry bag to suit every need. So browse away and… keep it dry!

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